The Studio


- All paying client's are offered a complimentary drink on arrival so that you can relax and really enjoy your high end experience. We have tea, coffee, champagne and cocktails available.


- Cosmetic Tattooing clients are not able to have alcohol or coffee before their appointment due to the risk of bleeding during the appointment. 


- Our studio has minimal seating arrangements so please refrain from bringing a guest, unless they are also booked clients. There are cafe's and a shopping centre only a few metres away if they would prefer to go there. 


- Please do not bring children to your appointment, our studio unfortunately is not safe for the little ones. 


- If you arrive to your appointment sick, we have the right to refuse service and you will lose your deposit. Please reschedule if you are feeling under the weather and your deposit will be transferred to your new date.


- If you are late, this will cut into your appointment time as we tend to book our clients back to back and it's not fair to run late into another client's private session. We may have to reschedule your appointment depending on the service chosen and how late you are running.


- If you are a new client, please fill out your consult form (it will be texted to you) before arriving for your appointment to ensure we can utilise your appointment time for the fun things.


- You must give 24hrs+ notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. To reschedule your appointment you can use the confirmation link that gets emailed to you and your deposit will be transferred to the new appointment,  if you wish to cancel with 24hrs+ notice, we will then keep your deposit as a credit for next time. With less than 24hrs notice, your deposit will be forfeited. If you are booking a complimentary trial that is included in your bridal package, if we don't receive 24hrs+ notice to reschedule, unfortunately you may have to forfeit this. 

- If you no-show to your appointment you will be charged the balance of your appointment and you will not be able to book with TLBB unless you bring your account back up to date.

- We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. If you aren't satisfied with your service  we are happy to offer a complimentary adjustment within 48hrs of the original appointment.

- Allergies and reactions are possible with any beauty service, The Luxe Beauty Bar cannot be held liable and it is recommended that you visit a Dr as soon as possible. 

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